Protecting those who protect us.

Protect the Protectors™, provided through Robertson Research Institute, our non-profit public charity program, strives to improve, manage, and optimize brain health for better first responder emotional, physical, and mental health. We tailor the program to your agency’s needs by simultaneously working with leadership on aggregated data findings and providing each individual with a strategy for long-term intervention. Since the pilot program in 2016, over 50 Partners and over 2,000 First Responders, including Police, Public Safety, Corrections, Fire, and Dispatch have successfully completed the program. See how Protect the Protectors™ can help your team achieve better brain health and improved job performance.

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Consider this a warning. Their brain health is in danger.

There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States. Studies show officers make roughly 325 critical decisions per year. Officers are risking their personal health and relationship to make timely decisions under stress every day. Our goal is to provide a new tactic for officer health and well-being.



63% continuously struggle with sleep issues



69% describe significant mood swings due to the pressure of their jobs.


Sheriff Deputies

82% report low energy in their day to day lives


Police Officers

72% report stress to the point of negatively affecting the quality of their lives,


Correction Deputies

55% feel their job is negatively affecting their personal relationships

Improving lives through better brain health.

Protect the Protectors™ program is rolled out over 4 phases that run between 9-12 months. We deliver HIPPA-compliant and specialized brain health assessments to participants to determine how each team thinks and relates to stress. We then provide intervention strategies for the team’s unique issues/stressors, and run additional focus groups with leadership and staff based on new data findings. Finally, we provide leadership staff with summary reports and success metrics.

Collect & Assess Findings

287,000 collected variables for each person are aggregated to create a wealth of knowledge and insight into an agency’s unique characteristics.

Identify Risk Factors

We use predictive analytics to unearth any health, performance, or relationship risk factors you may harbor.

Implement Programs

We design custom programs built around your agency’s stressors.

Assist Leadership

We work with leadership on data findings and outcomes to provide a return on investment valuation.